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Website Design Company in India​

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Website Design Company

Why You Should Have Website?

Your website will help you reach people worldwide on the internet. Online, a website is crucial. Your website should be attractive, easy to navigate, and let customers buy products or services.

Websites help businesses differentiate out from competition. Marketing and sales teams can analyse trends and measure performance with reliable customer data.

Your website should mirror your brand's content. It expresses your company's identity, helping you stand out. A website is essential if you want people to trust and like you. A solid website positions you at the top of potential clients' search results so they can learn more about you and your organisation.

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Website Design Company | Website Development Company

Ommune, which is based in India and operates as a full-fledged Website Design Company as well as website development company, offers all of the required designing and development services. However, in a general sense, our services comprise the following:

Website Designing

We are a full-service website design company that specialises in bringing your ideas to life through the websites we create for you. Because of our extensive experience and ability, we are able to swiftly and effectively develop websites that are both aesthetically pleasing and fully functioning. ​

Website Development

A website is more than just a location to store information; it's an experience for visitors. We take your business and project requirements and provide you with a complete development solution and total assistance, ensuring that your site leaves a great impression on potential clients.

EXCLUSIVE Website Process​

As a Website Design Company in India, we engage in a strategy workshop, user personas, information architecture, pixel-perfect icons, and user interface. We follow every website design process very diligently. As a result, we can develop a mobile-friendly B2B web design that satisfies the user.

As a Website Design Company, we say, for a website to be considered professionally designed, there must be more than just a “About Us” and “Contact Us” section. It’s a means of expression. It’s the best way to showcase your offerings and expertise, and most importantly, it’s the key to turning potential customers into paying customers. For your brand’s story and offerings to resonate with site visitors, you need a (CTA) call-to-action plan that does the heavy lifting for them. A compelling user interface and user experience is essential for gaining their attention, inspiring action, and ultimately leading to a sale. Their static web pages need to be fed content via a blog and CMS that is both easy to use and integrated.
IA serves as our secret weapon in the fight against potential difficulties, such as expensive redesigns. The goal of information architecture is to assist in the process of organising, classifying, and arranging content in a manner that enables users to successfully fulfil planned tasks while navigating a website. ​
As we continue to collect the IA, we are beginning to acquire a good notion of how to compose the screen structure. We begin the process of constructing prototypes on paper, utilising navigations and content actions for user engagement journeys. Early feedback and fewer iterations both make life easier for everyone involved.

When one of our designers finishes a set of sketches, they go on to transforming the paper prototypes into high-fidelity wireframes. This involves specifying the precise form, size, and reference points of how the finished product’s screen would look.
The last step is preparing a fool proof guidesheet where we list down the UI guidelines with color pallette, icons, typography and their components. For every design we do, we have a client requirement specific UI guideline, then developed
We pride ourselves on being honest, direct, and most importantly, effective in everything we do. How are we able to demonstrate that we are a Website company that genuinely delivers?
Website Design Company in India​

Our Principles​ As Website Design Company

Reports say that website design is the prime determinant of a company’s credibility. We understand the importance of making it as professional as possible.


Limited Choice

According to Hick-law, Hyman's consumers are more prone to change their minds when given too many options. We reduce clients' alternatives to reduce this risk and make them feel more at peace. We keep this in mind for every NYC website design assignment.


Best Color & Contrast Blends

The appropriate colour mix, according to neuromarketing research, makes a product more appealing to the eye. Our design professionals optimise color-contrast, using their extensive understanding of colour psychology to select the best colour scheme for maximum call-to-action.


Consistent Branding

As a professional web design firm, we consistently advise our clients to keep the brand's colour, essence, and faces consistent throughout the site for maximum marketing effectiveness. It improves the usability of websites optimised for desktop and mobile devices.


CTA Insertion

It doesn't matter if a website is mobile-friendly or has a responsive layout if it isn't converting visitors into buyers. We also deliberately insert compelling CTAs into all other pertinent data. Because of this, we are able to assist you in producing the highest possible degree of CTA.


Mobile First Design

There is nothing more challenging than competing with every other SEO business in India that offers the same services as yours for relevant SEO-related keywords. If we can come out on top of that conflict, you could feel more confident in our ability to flourish in your industry.


Blank Spaces

Put another way, we always leave white space between contents, no matter how silly it may sound. Without it, the text becomes too dense and stifling to read comfortably. Although it may seem counterintuitive, white space really aids in reader concentration. Therefore, as a New York City-based web design agency, we ensure its continued upkeep.

Mobile First Website Design

In this digital age, cell phones are a must. Our designers create cross-platform user experiences. We make small to large-screen prototypes. As a responsive web design business, we invest on content, given the limited space on smaller displays. Google prefers mobile-friendly websites for indexing and ranking, thus it's crucial to create them.

What our customers say

Ommune has helped my company to achieve great results. The Team's proactive approach makes all the difference. Easy communication and fast action are always in place!
Ana Carusi
It is an absolute pleasure for me to recommend Ommune to all businesses and interested parties. I have dealt with Ommune and Santosh for over 15 years and always received exceptional service and quick turn around times. My long business relationship with Santosh and his team proves his trust and dedication to his customers. Work provided by Ommune is second to none and functionality, performance, and security are always at the top of the list. I have said it many times but thanks again to Santosh and his Team at Ommune.
Jason Taylor
We owe the success of UnlistedZone to Ommune. They have built all the tech platforms which we are currently using in our business.

The latest CRM software which Ommune has made transformed the way of doing our business. We can now create leads, manage clients, manage partners, manage inventory and etc from the single CRM portal. This has helped us in saving lot of time and increased the productivity of employees.

So, overall as a co-founder of UnlistedZone satisfied with the work Ommune has delivered to us.

If any founder who is starting his business and don't have expertise in tech or marketing, would suggest to try services of Ommune.
Umesh Paliwal
Co-Founder - UnlistedZone

Website Design & Development

1: Your Customers Expect It

2: Offers Social Proof

3. Control the Narrative

4: Maximize ROI

5: Website Adds To Company’s Credibility

6: Have More Constructive Conversations

7: Compete With Other Industry Goliaths

8: Fading Social Media Reach

9: Expand Your Working Hours

10. Showcase Your Offers
Assuming that we have all of the information we need from you, the development of a website typically takes between six and ten weeks to complete. In general, the only reason why the website will take a long time to complete is because we are still waiting for text and photographs from you.
Yes, we are able to tailor a maintenance plan to meet your specific requirements. This can range from one hour per month to ten hours per month, and we can talk about putting up a package that suits your needs.
By “earning backlinks” from other websites, you increase the authority of your website. By creating interesting and informative material, other websites will inevitably connect to it. Naturally, this increases your authority in the industry.
Your website may contain an unlimited number of pages at your discretion. In most cases, we will design three different page layouts for you, including a homepage, a blog page, and an interior page such as your about page. After that, you are free to use any format you like for each new page that you wish to add.
It is dependent upon the bundle that you choose to purchase. If you would like, we would gladly compose the text that will be shown on your website. We have an in-house copywriter that will write the material for your website so that you won’t have to worry about doing it yourself.
Before we get started, we have a number of questions for you to answer, and then we will research your industry and make some recommendations for the pages of your website. We will get as much information as we require in order to craft phrases that are compelling and encourage people to communicate with one another.
We start from beginning when designing your website and use a variety of tools. After creating the initial draught of the design in Photoshop, we upload it to the website utilising a programme known as WordPress as the content management system.Click this link to view an in-depth rundown of our complete procedure for designing websites.
In the event that you already own a website. That is fantastic. This enables us to develop your new website even as your existing website continues to function normally. When we are ready to go live with the new site and you are satisfied with it, we will then be able to replace the old site with the new one. The new website may not be available for as long as ten minutes after it has been published. This indicates that you won’t even be able to notice a small drop in your traffic figures.
Yes. Your website is going to be completely responsive, and it is going to look fantastic on all devices. This is included at no additional cost in our prices. It is included in the base package.
It depends. This question does not have a straightforward response because the specifications of search engines are always being updated. On the other hand, we have had customers get on the first page of Google for their primary keywords within two days of the launch of their websites, and we have also had websites that took between two and three months for Google to put them on the first page.

On the other hand, there is no assurance that you will ever make it to the first page of Google for any of your primary keyword searches. Some of your competitors may have far larger marketing budgets, or they may have been there for a longer period of time. Read this post on our site for additional information about how to rank higher on the first page of Google.
It is dependent upon the bundle that you select. Search engine optimization (SEO) is typically an ongoing commitment that will require continual attention. Nevertheless, we do provide an option that includes all you need to get off to a strong start.
Although the amount can change quite a bit, our monthly SEO plans start at £400 plus VAT per month. In most cases, this is an initial business plan for a local company that will face a reasonable degree of competition.
Not in most cases. The process of designing websites does not include incorporating social media. On the other hand, we never stop exploring for new approaches that will simplify your life. We are able to customise a plan to meet your needs if you would want us to carry out this service for you.