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Ommune is a best SEO company in Lucknow that provides SEO Services in Lucknow with quantifiable results. The key for us is to educate our clients, under promise, and over deliver the results.


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Best SEO Company in Lucknow

Rank #1 in Google?

Compared to other PPC or pay-per-click solutions, search engine optimization, or SEO, is thought to be the greatest organic approach for marketing your company. The goal of SEO is to have your company website appear as the top result on Google when a user searches for a good or service connected to your industry.

The basics of SEO are quite straightforward. The click-through rate of your website increases with its search engine ranking, which ultimately leads to an increase in conversions—or paying clients—for you. Because SEO takes time, it is a long-term investment. Only one person ever achieves position #1 in Google search, despite everyone wanting to. So in this case, persistence and patience are crucial. Each company has a different turnaround time, but if you want your website to appear first in Google search results, you've come to the perfect spot.

Go to Google and enter "Best SEO Company in Lucknow." What comes up as the first result? Ommune. If you get in touch with us right away, we may discuss whether and how we can position your company in the same position in Google searches.

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Our SEO Services Include

Ommune, being a full-fledged SEO company in India provides all the necessary SEO services for almost
all type of business verticals and niches. But, broadly speaking our services include:

On-Page SEO

Forget about the small talk, we're an SEO company that gets SEO done. We will start with your website’s On-Page SEO to get your ‘website in order’ before we drive more traffic to your website. On-page SEO is exactly as the name suggests, optimizing the areas you can see on your website to make your website function well for Google’s bots and user experience.

Off-Page SEO

This is where most of the websites go wrong with wrong practices. Our Off-Page SEO strategies are ‘above the board’ ways as we simply build authority backlinks for your website by telling Google that you are the market leader in your industry.

Isn’t it sound simple? 🙂

Ommune’s SMART SEO Process​

Every business, product, and service is different. We need customized SEO campaigns to suit your business type. First, we carry out extensive research to understand your industry in-depth, from your customer and through the eyes of Google. T
Then we get to our next step of marketable website structuring, a discovery session where we sit down with you to get a deep understanding of how your business works, potential customers, your business goals, etc. to finalize the best possible SEO strategy plan.
Once we’ve got a plausible strategy to take over the search results, we can get down to business. Through organic search results, we can cut through the digital noise and reach your ideal customer but firstly, it requires optimizing your website and its content through best practices of on-page SEO, and a strong content marketing plan. Through the optimization of the technical aspects of on-page elements of your website, and ensuring the content is not just keyword optimized but persuasive as well—we ensure that Google can not just find your website, but shows it on the very first page, and ideally in the first position for the desired keywords searches. With the help of great content, we also reach a much larger audience of people who may not even realize they require your product or service. By getting in front of them early with engaging, interesting, and high-quality content, we can begin to establish a connection that will eventually result in conversions—or perhaps conversions right away. Content marketing is essential for how Google views your website since it shows that it is up-to-date, useful, and fresh. All of these will aid in our efforts to place your website at the top of the Googe search results.
Even though content and on-page SEO is crucial, they only cover half the ground. The probability that your site appears in the highly in-demand highest rank for your targeted keyword phrases can be heavily influenced by the authority of your website. We fully investigate the backlink profile of your website to build this authority. Brand mentions, directory listings, and useful in-content contextual links are just what we’re looking for. In essence, a blend of these elements together referred to as the “number and quality of backlinks going to your site” affects the authority of your website. Our SEO service includes a key component of making sure your website’s authority is strong and expanding by managing your online brand and obtaining high-quality backlinks.
We are pretty much straightforward, genuine, and, most importantly, efficient. How can we confirm that we are an SEO company that actually follows through? You most likely came across us by looking for “SEO Company in India,” “SEO India,” or “SEO Agency in India.” So, since we made it simple for you to discover us, you can be confident that we would do the same for your consumers, whether they are in India or elsewhere. Boom, mic drop. ​
Best SEO Company

Why We Are Different ?

Every SEO campaign, as we all are aware, is unique. It's crucial to conduct in-depth study and get a thorough understanding of your sector/niche.


No lock-in SEO Agreements​

At Ommune, we discourage lock-in agreements for any of our SEO services. In each month, we hope to maintain our position and earn your business. Moreover, we understand that conditions might change. Therefore, if you want to stop using our services, we only ask that you provide us 30 days' notice.


Proven SEO Track Records

Although it might seem obvious, we in India only accept a certain amount of SEO clients for each sector. There are a limited number of top positions in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Therefore, we carefully choose the clients we partner with in order to become both market leaders and a solid reputation.


No Additional SEO Fees

We set expectations right off the bat. In India, we prefer to keep things that way, thus we charge a set monthly rate for our SEO services. This cost is determined by the amount of work necessary to produce the desired results in the given timeframe. Before commencing any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign, we conduct extensive keyword and competitive analysis to manage expectations.


SMART Approach

The SEO professionals in our team adopt a SMART approach. Along the SEO journey, we instruct you on the what, when, and why of certain tasks so that you also know what's going on.An SEO campaign involves some effort that is done in the background. Therefore, it's frequently challenging to grasp what you're paying for. Our India SEO staff tries its best to be transparent about the job being done and the future steps we have planned.


Practise What You Preach Approach

Striving to compete for SEO-related keywords versus other SEO company in India that provide comparable services is undoubtedly the hardest thing you can do. You may be confident that we have what it takes to succeed in your sector if we can win that conflict.


Regular (Monthly) SEO Reports

Reporting on the development of your Seo rankings that is clear and transparent. With regards to Leads, Organic Traffic, Rankings, and the subsequent actions in your SEO strategy, we want to keep things straightforward. Depending on your desired form of communication, you have a choice between two reporting choices for our SEO services.

Search Engine Optimisation

What our customers say

Ommune has helped my company to achieve great results. The Team's proactive approach makes all the difference. Easy communication and fast action are always in place!
Ana Carusi
It is an absolute pleasure for me to recommend Ommune to all businesses and interested parties. I have dealt with Ommune and Santosh for over 15 years and always received exceptional service and quick turn around times. My long business relationship with Santosh and his team proves his trust and dedication to his customers. Work provided by Ommune is second to none and functionality, performance, and security are always at the top of the list. I have said it many times but thanks again to Santosh and his Team at Ommune.
Jason Taylor
We owe the success of UnlistedZone to Ommune. They have built all the tech platforms which we are currently using in our business.

The latest CRM software which Ommune has made transformed the way of doing our business. We can now create leads, manage clients, manage partners, manage inventory and etc from the single CRM portal. This has helped us in saving lot of time and increased the productivity of employees.

So, overall as a co-founder of UnlistedZone satisfied with the work Ommune has delivered to us.

If any founder who is starting his business and don't have expertise in tech or marketing, would suggest to try services of Ommune.
Umesh Paliwal
Co-Founder - UnlistedZone

Frequently Asked Question

The goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to make your website as relevant to users as feasible. By doing this, you can improve your search engine rating. Basically, it involves ranking your website first on Google. Despite the fact that there are more than 200 ranking indicators, some SEO tactics may include
  • Improving the user experience
  • Adding additional pertinent information
  • Increasing the speed at which websites load being mentioned on credible outside websites (news or social media)
  • Create a successful content marketing plan.
Consider a painter in USA who provides his services. He cannot provide you with an estimate without first seeing the floor layout. As a marketing company, our first step is to comprehend your company. Learn about the products you offer and the market you are operating in. We can inform you of the price of SEO for your company after we have a better understanding of the situation.
In contrast to Adwords, your Adword account will stop generating leads when you stop spending. It’s different with search engine optimization. Once you are ranked for the targeted search terms, you will continue to benefit even if you stop providing services. Your online brand will benefit from the long-term investment.
By “earning backlinks” from other websites, you increase the authority of your website. By creating interesting and informative material, other websites will inevitably connect to it. Naturally, this increases your authority in the industry.

There is a little more to SEO than just ranking for keywords in Google Search to attract paying clients to your website. There are various sub-disciplines, or varieties, of SEO. Each one necessitates a little bit of a different strategy, and they all play a role in the overall success of your campaign. We at Ommune are a full-service SEO agency that covers every facet of an effective SEO campaign.


    • Technical On-Page: This area of SEO is all about ticking the boxes that make Google happy and more likely to show your site. It’s things like H1 and other heading tags, image alt text, meta descriptions, title tags, internal linking and speed optimisation of your site. Much of on-page SEO is unseen, or hard to notice, but it makes a huge difference to your site’s ability to rank.


    • Off-Page & Link Building:Your website needs authority to rank. This is accomplished through links. In essence, whenever another website connects to yours, Google interprets that as a “vouch” for you. The magnitude of the effect is dependent on how highly Google regards their opinion, which is decided by their own backlink profile. Our off-page SEO work entails collecting high-quality backlinks pointing to your website in order to enhance its authority, as well as ensuring that your website’s online presence is consistent and of high quality. We accomplish this by updating web directories, ensuring that your firm is represented across the web, and ensuring that these entries are consistent and accurate.


    • Local SEO: Local SEO essentially means getting you ranking in Google Maps, and for search terms like ‘gym near me’. It’s an incredibly effective element of SEO, particularly for brick and mortar businesses. Many customers make purchase decisions based on convenience, but more so than that Google Maps often shows only a few select options nearby. Appearing at the top of that list requires a well optimised Google My Business profile, and support optimisations on your website.


    • Content Optimisation & Creation: Content that’s written to rank and convert is incredibly powerful, and it’s this element of SEO where we devote much of our resources. On-page optimisation and off-page link building are equally important, but they’re boxes that need ticking. Content is a blend of creativity and science, it’s a distillation of market research, product position and branding, and an incredibly deep understanding of the way Google’s Search Engine works. At Ommune, we know how to create content that not only ranks in Google Search, but inspires your customers and leads to conversions, and ultimately, growth for your business.


  • Website Migration: There’s many reasons why you might need to move your business to a new website, be it just a brand new build on the same domain, or a new domain too. This comes with inherent risks to your SEO, and getting it wrong means starting from scratch. Migrating websites is a fine art, and requires fine attention to detail to execute properly. It’s a mix of timing, redirects and carefully managed indexing with Google. If you’re even a little unsure, get a second opinion and consider employing professionals.
Using Google My Business (GMB) for local SEO is an excellent idea. GMB is a free tool for increasing local search presence that is location-based. One excellent illustration of this is the fact that Ommune is situated in India and therefore, when someone searches for “SEO Company in India,” our GMB listing also appears in the results.
YES! Is your website safe without it, in our opinion, is the actual query here. We can answer that for you by saying that it is not. In order to maintain your website current in search engine eyes, SEO services are essential. There are lots of cowboys utilising unethical black hat SEO tactics out there, but all of our techniques are legal and safe for your website to grow and increase the number of conversions for your company.
The use of your website’s copy, graphics, videos, and designs as a marketing tool is known as content marketing. Your website’s content must all serve the objective of educating Google and your customers. It is the method used to select the keywords you will use in your material, as well as how the content will engage readers and satisfy Google’s search engine algorithms.
Even though Ommune’s main office is in India, we have enough experience in the industry to be able to deliver excellent outcomes for our clients anywhere in the world. Our SEO experts in India, deal with companies all throughout India as well other countries of the world. The nature of the beast helps our SEO team in India to provide SEO services throughout the globe.
The subject of “who needs SEO services” is one that we frequently get asked.In essence, they would be entrepreneurs who offer a good or service that customers are actively looking for online (i.e. they are searching with intent). However, not all organisations will necessarily benefit from using an SEO agency.For instance, if your product or service is fresh on the market, we’ll need to inform them that it exists. In that scenario, our agency can recommend interruption-based marketing to assist consumers reach your company website, such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Your business will ultimately grow as a result of this.
We didn’t rise to the top of the SEO industry in India by cutting corners. We approach our SEO services holistically. A clear content strategy, on-site optimization, keyword research, and local SEO are all important components. Yes, everything is covered by our set monthly SEO management fees. No-surprise costs for SEO.
Building your authority online takes time, just as it does to develop trust and authority outside. Even while you usually get some immediate results from our SEO services in the first few months, it may take up to 24 months.
It’s a mystery how Google chooses which pages to display in the search engine results page (SERP), and it’s the main topic of conversation whenever two SEOs get together. Numerous websites are devoted to deciphering Google’s most recent algorithm updates and attempting to determine which enigmatic metric will advance them to the next rung of the ladder.However, understanding Google ranking really isn’t that difficult. Although it’s simple to get mired in the smallest particulars and attempt to “growth-hack the algorithm,” we always keep the big picture in mind. Three uncomplicated factors—which are easy to understand when you think about Google’s mission—determine whether Google displays your website in the SERPs. Our goal is to guide you in finding the information you require and to guarantee the accuracy of that information.Google first determines whether your website has a good reputation. This is frequently described as page rank, domain authority, or even trust flow (back in the day). In a word, Google evaluates your website’s authority and dependability depending on the number and calibre of websites referring to it. Content is the second consideration. The Google bots are skilled at scanning the information on your page and assessing its quality on its own—is it well written, well structured, and readable—as well as its relevance to the search query.More factors than simply using the target keyword “best cooking pots” a thousand times throughout your page affect relevance. What else does quality material centred around “best cooking blogs” include will also depend on what other terms frequently appear with your target keyword. the user experience, lastly. How visitors engage with your website may be the most crucial ranking element (which determines whether you’re on the first page or the last).Google keeps track of what happens when users click through to your website from the SERPs and results pages. Google will move your website farther down the page or even off entirely if it notices that users frequently skip over it in the results page, indicating that it isn’t relevant. Google also considers how long visitors stay on your website and their interactions with it.Your rankings will suffer if visitors leave your site quickly and unsatisfied, returning to the search engine results page. Google will recognise you as the result if users locate what they’re looking for, interact with your site, and then ‘complete their search’. While the theory of ranking on Google can be simultaneously breathtakingly simple and massively complex, the specifics of how to do it can necessitate some skill (and admittedly does require some tinkering with the technical elements dictated by the algorithm).
Everywhere. We are confident that you can discover someone delivering SEO services for much less than our monthly management cost if you search past the first page of Google. Why then would you choose someone who can’t even rank their own company on the first page? By choosing a cheap service, you run the danger of having to wait three times as long for the desired outcome and possibly spending more money overall. Find an SEO company that use tried-and-true methods to deliver results that are appropriate for you, and do it once, do it correctly.
Two techniques to improve your website’s rating in search engine results are search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). A pay per click (PPC) strategy is what SEM is; you run an ad, someone clicks it, and you are charged. The goal of SEO is to influence Google’s algorithm to rank your website higher in the search results by enhancing the quality and authority of your website in its eyes.
The quick response is yes. This would be a great illustration of our work if you had searched for us in Google using the terms “SEO Company in India” or “SEO Agency in India”.  A person promising to accomplish this without first thoroughly examining your website, business, and rivals should be avoided. You will typically be able to rank on Google’s first page with the help of an agency that knows what they are looking for. The length of time it takes depends on the beginning point of your website and other elements that our staff can go over with you specifically for your company.
Usually, the cost per acquisition is the most important factor. Your firm will generate more cash, increase brand recognition, and gain authority thanks to organic traffic from keyword ranking. Your company will expand and see a return on investment from an effective search engine optimization strategy.

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