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Web application development enables web-based projects to function and behave like mobile apps. Web applications engage users by placing a premium on responsive interactions, although they are still supplied via the internet over a network.


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Should Have Web Application Development?

Front-end and back-end web development technologies are utilised to create Web application development. Theoretically, web application are closely related to webpages; hence, web application development and website development share many similarities.

On the front end, Web application development utilise JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, among other technologies. Similar server-side programming languages, such as Ruby or Python, might be used for the backend of web application development.

Web application are tailored to serve a wide range of purposes and are useful for a wide range of users, from large corporations to individuals.

Let's figure out how we can get your Web Application live.

EXCLUSIVE Web Application Development Process​

Web Application Development Process​ requires analysis and thorough study of requirements, which we master by :
  • Get to know you
  • Comprehending your requirements
  • Proposing a solution
It is necessary to have a Web Application Development Consultation in order to learn and comprehend whether or not you actually require this service or not, according to the nature of your organisation or idea.
  • Identify your competitors
  • Establish goals & objectives
  • Get your feedback
After noting the requirements, we move on to the following process, which is the wireframing, designing, and development of the web application. This step comes after we have completed the previous step.
  • Blueprint structure
  • Wireframing each screen
  • Designing the app
  • Coding the app
  • Layout main sections
  • Get your feedback
We do not immediately proceed to delivering the application after completing the preceding stage; rather, we test it on our own first.
  • Application testing
  • 100% bug-free
  • Get final approval from you
  • Deploy the app to your server
  • Deploy to App Stores
  • App available for users
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Web Application Advantages

As the updates are implemented centralised, web applications are always up to date with the latest versions. Because every user has access to the same version, all potential compatibility problems have been resolved. With a web browser, you can access web apps from virtually any location.


High Portability

Web applications are accessible from any device. Have you got a tablet? You can use a web application. Using smartphone?Yes! You can. A laptop? Even better!
Web apps are cross-platform. As long as customers have an online connection, they can access it, irrespective of OS, Browser, Device etc



Web Apps are not downloaded or installed on device. In the case of PWAs, the download and installation won't require storage space.The Fact that users do not have much space on thier devices and updating apps is a bit task. Web Apps frees users from the updates & storage. And with progressive web apps specifically, you get numerous mobile app benefits without the trouble.


Secure Live Data

Larger and more intricate systems carry more data and have separate data sources and systems. By eliminating the requirement for distinct systems, these systems and processes can frequently be merged in web-based solutions. Web-based apps offer a layer of security by preventing access to data and back-end servers.

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More Manageable

Due to manageability and cross-platform support, deploying web apps for any platform is easier. Ideal for restricted bandwidth and remote systems and data. Send the user a website address to log in to and provide internet access. It allows one to extend access to numerous systems, streamline operations, and improve relationships by enabling access to customers, suppliers, and third parties.


Always up-to-date

They do not require frequent updates, unlike ordinary applications. The most recent version of the website/URL to which the programme is directly linked is updated. And because all users access the same version of the web application via the same URL, all users always utilise the most recent and identical version.

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Would you like to have a web application made for your business or idea? We have expert developers who are experienced & well-versed in programming languages and structures, allowing us to provide top-tier Web app development services.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)?

One variety of web application that is somewhat current in today's technological landscape is known as a progressive web app (PWA). PWAs are an app type that combines the benefits of hybrid and native apps into a single, streamlined package.
Progressive web app are web apps, as a direct result of this, they are intended for use within a web browser. It is just as easy to move about on a progressive web app as it is on any other website.

Progressive web app are accepted on both the Google Play Store and the Microsoft Store. In this respect, a progressive web app can be thought of as an online equivalent of a mobile application. Having progressive web app accessible from the user's smartphone at all times is a huge plus.

Progressive web apps are able to send push alerts to your mobile device and launch immediately from your device without requiring you to open a web browser. They are quick to load and can function even without an internet connection.

It was two Google engineers, Frances Barriman and Alex Russell, who came up with the term "progressive web apps," and they claim that the following characteristics describe PWAs best:
- Responsive
- Connectivity Independent
- App-like Interactions
- Fresh & Safe
- Discoverable
- Re-engagable
- Installable
- Linkable

In contrast, progressive web apps (PWAs) are best understood as regularly designed webpages that have been wrapped up in a mobile app shell.
Progressive web apps (PWAs) are one of a kind since they deviate from the norm of what a person using a computer or mobile device on the go would be used to.

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Ommune has helped my company to achieve great results. The Team's proactive approach makes all the difference. Easy communication and fast action are always in place!
Ana Carusi
It is an absolute pleasure for me to recommend Ommune to all businesses and interested parties. I have dealt with Ommune and Santosh for over 15 years and always received exceptional service and quick turn around times. My long business relationship with Santosh and his team proves his trust and dedication to his customers. Work provided by Ommune is second to none and functionality, performance, and security are always at the top of the list. I have said it many times but thanks again to Santosh and his Team at Ommune.
Jason Taylor
We owe the success of UnlistedZone to Ommune. They have built all the tech platforms which we are currently using in our business.

The latest CRM software which Ommune has made transformed the way of doing our business. We can now create leads, manage clients, manage partners, manage inventory and etc from the single CRM portal. This has helped us in saving lot of time and increased the productivity of employees.

So, overall as a co-founder of UnlistedZone satisfied with the work Ommune has delivered to us.

If any founder who is starting his business and don't have expertise in tech or marketing, would suggest to try services of Ommune.
Umesh Paliwal
Co-Founder - UnlistedZone

Questions Asked

AngularJS, Ruby on Rails, Laravel, ASP.NET, and Symfony are among the many tools available for web application development services. When selecting the optimal platform for a web application development project, it is crucial to examine a number of criteria, including user experience. For web application development, the platform must strike an optimal balance between code intricacy and user experience. Paying more attention to the coding than the UI/UX can result in a subpar product. Therefore, you should collaborate with a seasoned and competent web application development company that can assist you in selecting the optimal platform for your particular project.

Best web app development services don’t exist. Each customer has different needs, so what works for one may not work for another. This means that communicating your business requirements to a web application development company is vital. Before testing and delivering a web project, developers ideate, design, and choose the ideal framework. Your communication with them will make the outcome fit your business’s needs.

It’s the act of developing software specifically for use on a web server, so that it may be accessed online. As the name implies, a web application development firm’s products are used online. As a result of the expertise of those engaged, the procedure typically has a brief duration. Here at our company, we provide clients with affordable services including web application creation, testing, and post-launch technical support.

The cost of developing a web application is very variable depending on the level of complexity of the project.
A progressive web app (PWA) is simply a web app built with web languages (like JavaScript) and web frameworks.
Since the dawn of the Internet era, there has been a dramatic shift in how individuals make use of mobile devices.
On the other hand, a Progressive web app is an online application that uses web technologies to provide an app-like user experience. To put it simply, a PWA is an app that also functions as a web page.


In contrast to native apps, which can only be found in an app store, PWAs can be indexed by search engine crawlers.

Because they can be indexed by search engines, PWAs make it simpler to reach a certain demographic of internet users. It is possible to have it made search engine friendly. As a result of its optimization, it can get a high position in search engine results, making it accessible to the intended audience with no effort.

No further software download or installation is required to use a PWA. Customers may access your business’s content, make purchases, conduct research, etc., without having to download any apps.

For users specifically, PWA offers the following advantages:

– There’s no time-consuming prerequisite setup required
– Massive space savings for storing devices
– Accessible via web search, eliminating the need to scour app stores for it.
Here are the top PWAs developed across the world:

– Google Maps Go
– Google Photos
– Flipboard


Many people mistakenly believe that a PWA is the same thing as a native app. Though PWAs mimic the appearance and feel of native apps, they are fundamentally different.

PWAs, like native mobile apps, can include functionality that requires access to the camera, geolocation, etc., of the user’s phone or comparable smart device.

Web App is Future. How?