MailTidy is a leading email validation system created to ensure that companies sending complex and high volume emails avoid deliverability issues. The system reduces and eliminates invalid, abuse, complaint, inactive, and spam-trap email addresses, improving your sending reputation.

MailTidy is the most secure email validation system available, prioritizing the protection of your data with robust security measures.

Technology Used

MailTidy is a user-friendly and efficient email management system built with Laravel 10, PHP, AJAX, JavaScript, Bootstrap 5, and MySQL database. It offers an intuitive interface, easy installation, and responsive design for seamless email organization.

With MailTidy, you can streamline email management tasks and save time. It integrates AJAX and JavaScript for real-time updates and enhances the user experience.

The system utilizes a MySQL database for efficient data storage and retrieval, ensuring reliable and secure management of email data.

Why MailTidy?

  • Enhanced Deliverability: MailTidy removes invalid and inactive email addresses, improving deliverability rates and maintaining a good sender reputation.

  • Time and Effort Savings: MailTidy automates the email list cleaning process, saving you time and effort. Focus on creating content while MailTidy handles list cleaning.

  • Real-time Monitoring and Reporting: Stay informed with MailTidy's real-time monitoring and reporting feature, providing detailed insights into the health of your email list.

  • Seamless Integration: MailTidy seamlessly integrates with popular email marketing platforms and tools, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Server Requirements and Recommendations

  • As this needs a few custom commands and root level access requirements, please get one Contabo or any VPS server that allows SMTP handshakes.

  • After trying several servers, we found that Contabo is cheap and best. It allows SMTP handshakes, which is the prime requirement in order MailTidy to work successfully. Click here to check Contabo pricing.

  • In order to Validate the email IDs correctly please ensure your system has "Sockets" enabled and "Telnet" is working fine. You can test this by running

    telnet 25
    command in your terminal/shell.

  • If you need any help then please drop an email to along with your server's root access. We'll get back to you within 12 hrs. Thanks.